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5 March 2012

In September, 2009, brother Harry van der Stel had a dream in which he saw a man standing behind the pulpit. He saw how the man fell over backwards, and in the dream brother Harry went to him and prayed for him, after which he saw the man recover.


Brother Harry did not understand the exact meaning of the dream but told it to some brothers in his own meeting.

When brother Harry saw a photo of br. Morris Ungren preaching behind the pulpit, which had been mailed to him, he realized that this was the person who he had seen in his dream. In December 2009, the dream was mailed to his daughter, sis.Sonja Ungren –Eccles. She answered the mail saying that what was seen in the dream had actually taken place a few weeks earlier. While bro. Morris was preaching, he suddenly became very weak and began to fall over backwards. Some members of his congregation rushed to his help and prayed for him, after which he regained his strength.

Morris Ungren had been troubled for quite a while with a low blood-platelet level. He had regularly received blood-platelet transfusions during 2009 and his doctors had tried to help him with a new sort of medicine. However he became so ill at the end of December 2009 that his doctors thought they would have to lose him. But the Lord strengthened him and revived him so much that within the following two years, he could continue to minister and wrote no less than five books!

During the autumn of 2011, having completed his earthly work, the Lord took him Home, at the great age of 92!