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18 February 2012

My sons had a friend, Jason, who at the age of 29 suddenly died. This was a terrible shock for everyone who knew him.


I felt on my heart to ask prayer, in our meeting, for his pregnant wife who expected to give birth to their baby at any moment. Also for his mother-in-law who, just before Jason’s death, had a brain hemorrhage. She was so shocked by the death that she had a “TIA”.

After we had prayed for her in our meeting, she started getting better. She wrote a speech to be read during the funeral as she was too emotional to be able to read it herself.

Unfortunately the speech was not appreciated by Jason’s family and caused a bad argument.


She was so upset by this reaction that, after the funeral, she had to be readmitted into the hospital.

She was unable to talk comprehensively and could only stutter.


Bro.Harrie was in the room in which she was brought to. He witnessed and preached to all the people in the room and said to the mother-in-law that she would be alright and that she would be able to talk normally again.

And that happened exactly as he said. The lady is still talking normally without stuttering.

This is how the Lord allows things to happen to glorify His Name.