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Dr. Morris Richard Ungren was ordained to the ministry in 1941. At the time of his passing on, in November 2011, at the age of ninety-two, he had been in the ministry for 70 years.  For 43 years he was the pastor of the Grace Tabernacle in Southaven, Mississippi, USA. He was a vocalist as well, who sang in numerous meetings at William Marrion Branham’s request.

Morris Ungren
Morris Ungren while preaching in his church in 2009

Dr. Morris R. Ungren was an intellectual man, with his own library of thousands of books, among which were many old publications of Bible scholars. He was personally acquainted with many well known people in America from all kinds of Christian backgrounds. Shortly before Brother Ungren’s passing on, one of his pastor friends, Lee Vayle, made the comment that if the Lord should choose to bring Brother Ungren ‘Home’, he will have been the last person living to link the church ages and the history of the church to this present day. He was referring to Brother Ungren’s understanding and scholarship of church history.

Around 2008 the pastor of the church in Rotterdam, Harry van der Stel, felt on his heart to publish the writings of Morris Ungren. The purpose of this was to bring to the believers the revealed truths of the Message, brought by William Branham, in which Brother Ungren had a good insight. With his background, scholarship and ability as a writer, he was able to bring these in book form, so the believers could study them.

It started with a reprint of the booklet “Now it can be told”. Then within four years followed the “Doctrine” book and six other books. Many members of the church of Rotterdam were involved in the publishing of Brother Ungren’s books, besides the work for the translation of Brother Branham’s sermons into Dutch, which was being done as well. It surely brought about the fact that the Message had to be studied, quotes had to be found and Scriptures had to be checked.

In September 2009 Harry van der Stel saw Brother Morris Ungren in a dream behind the pulpit, falling backwards. In the dream he went to him and he prayed for him, after which he saw him coming back again. Not understanding the exact meaning of this dream and only realizing it was Brother Morris, after he received a picture of him ministering, at that time he told it only to a few brothers in our church. Then later on, in the beginning of December, 2009, we mentioned the dream in an e-mail to his daughter Sonja, who was helping with the publications of her father. She replied to that e-mail, informing us that what was shown in the dream actually happened some weeks before that, while Brother Morris was preaching. He had a spell of weakness and started to fall backwards. Several of the congregation rushed to help him, they prayed for him and he regained his strength. The Lord lifted up Brother Ungren after this and in the following two years five more books came from his hand.