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hall Unique
A part of the gathering in the hall Unique, Paramaribo, during a conference in November, 2006

The Dutch translations made by our church, are sent to Suriname, for the Dutch speaking believers there. The English books we published, are also sent to them. Several churches there have been supported by our church through the years and many missionary trips have been carried out to this country.

The church has helped the people in Suriname medically by supporting the work of a brother in our church, who is a medical doctor. This doctor is doing much work for the medical care in Suriname and every year, in his leisure time, he travels several times to this country to provide medical support. He is a skillful and experienced urological surgeon, who has volunteered to perform many surgical operations in Suriname.

On one of his missions, around 2004, when he was working in Suriname again, our pastor Harry van der Stel told us in the service to pray for him. He had seen him, in the Spirit, sitting in a chair and looking very distressed. One of the people present in the meeting, was amazed about this, as he had called him that day and he seemed to be all right. Therefore, after the service he called to Suriname again to ask how he was doing.  The doctor told him again everything was fine, but that he pricked his finger with a needle during an operation that day. He also told him that they immediately had sent a sample of the patient’s blood to the laboratory to test it for the aids virus.

The next day the laboratory came with the report that the patient had the aids virus and the doctor had to take very heavy anti-viral medicines to kill off possible traces of infection. Because of these strong medicines he became very ill and he was sitting in the chair just as Harry van der Stel had seen him before, in the Spirit. Yet, because of what the Lord had shown to brother Harry beforehand, he was encouraged and because of the prayer for him, he believed he would be all right, which also happened.