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Visitors from Singapore visited the meeting in Rotterdam regularly towards the end of the 1970’s. Most of them worked for Singapore Airlines and they attended the meetings during their leisure time, when they stayed at a hotel in Amsterdam in between flights.

Once one of the stewards had not served the food sufficiently hot during one of the flights. The passenger to whom he had served the food was an executive manager in the Singapore Airline company. He had boarded this plane to conduct a quality check. So the steward was going to face a lot of trouble, especially because this executive was renowned to be a harsh man. That evening, in the hotel, the steward prayed to the Lord to help him with this difficult situation. After this the executive asked the steward which religion he followed, seeing that his heart was softened in a remarkable way for the steward. The steward told him and invited him to the meeting in Rotterdam.

In Rotterdam he saw the film “The Deep calleth to the Deep” of William Branham, in which there is also discernment and healing. Deeply touched by the works of the Holy Spirit, he started to weep during this film and did not stop till after the film was finished. Later on he testified how he was touched and how the longing to smoke left him too from that moment. After this he was baptized in a church in Singapore in the true Christian baptism. In 1979 the amount of people from the Singapore Airlines that visited the church grew to such numbers that this revival attracted the attention of the Singapore media. An article was published about this phenomenon in a Singapore paper in March, 1979, in which the meeting of Rotterdam was mentioned as well.

After these events one of the Christian stewards was in Amsterdam, with a Hindu steward, during their leisure time between the flights.  During this visit to the city the Hindu steward was hit by a tram and brought to the hospital with a brain hemorrhage, causing him to be in danger of his life. The Christian steward called from Amsterdam to Harry van der Stel and asked for prayer for his colleague in the hospital. Miraculously the Hindu steward came through the necessary operations and completely recovered from his injuries. Just at that time a documentary was being made in the hospital and they filmed this event there, including the ‘happy ending’. Some time later Harry van der Stel went on a missionary trip to Singapore and during his stay there he was invited out for a meal by the Hindu steward. Although not a Christian, he still wanted to express his gratitude to him.